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iPad Officially Not Supported..

Although marginally self-support material is presented online on Utrecht University websites like this, mostly in the form of manuals, Apple products are not officially supported at Utrecht University. Participants in the iPad Project of Educational Sciences can find more info on project-support at the bottom of this page.

Make Backups of your iPad!

To minimise the risk of permanently losing your data, and for anyone to be able to help you restore your Apps and data after your iPad 'crashes', be sure to make regular backups of your iPad. The next links give some self-support information on recovering your iPad after a software crash and show you how you can create- and restore an iPad backup.

When your iPad appears crashed or 'dead' (i.e. has a black screen and doesn't respond to you pressing any buttons), first try to recharge the battery :).
If that doesn't fix the problem, apply the different 'Reset Options' (link below) to try to recover your iPad.
Only when you are completely sure that the reset options don't work, apply the full (backup) restore option to recover your iPad!

Support for the Educational Sciences iPad Project Participants

For the duration of the iPad project at Educational Sciences, a special support setup has been created to guarantee the Students an Instructors participating in the iPad project the basic support they need.

For all other questions, (only!) project participants can contact Jos Jaspers via the OWK Support mailbox. More elaborate contact information can be found here

Note On Jail-breaking

Jail-breaking your iPad can permanently damage the device in a way that it cannot be fixed; Jailbreaking your iPad is therefore discouraged and not supported.