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The Educational Sciences iPad Project


The recent developments in mobile computing, i.e. the introduction of smart-phones and tablet pc's, seem to have accelerated the digital information revolution. It is increasingly suggested that the general availability of these devices to students, especially tablet computers, bring a host of new opportunities for integrating digital information in the educational process, both inside and outside the classroom.

In the current iPad project, the Faculty of Social Sciences of Utrecht University will try to explore these educational opportunities and assess the added value of the use of tablet computers for the educational process.

Scope of the project

The participants in this project will be all Bachelor students of the 2011-2012 cohort in Educational Sciences. These students will be provided with an Apple iPad for the full length of the project. The project initially runs for one year (academic year 2011-2012) with the possibiliy of prolongation. Basically it is the intention that for the remaining two years of the bachelor, the cohort 2011-2012 will also use the iPad in education.

In the current plans the project will be evaluated after one college year, and is expected to produce both scientific results and practical lessons. The lessons learned in this project will be shared with other departments at the Faulty of Social Sciences and the rest of Utrecht University.

Why the Apple iPad?

Although it is expected that in the recent future students will prefer to bring their own devices ('BYOD'), for the purpose of streamlining the research as well as the support for the research group, the project group chose to work with one uniform device. The criteria being 1) the most advanced and thus most developed tablet and 2) a product that has a low support demand, the Apple iPad was the obvious choice.

The project team

Joki van de Poel (Project Manager)
Gijsbert Erkens (Director Bachelor OWK)
Jeroen Janssen (Bachelor Coordinator OWK)
Jos Jaspers (Lecturer OWK)
Aren Breur (ICT Demand Manager H&S)
Oscar Buma (Blackboard Coordinator)