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Blackboard Mobile Learn

Blackboard Mobile Learn is a free app that gives you access to all your online course materials on http://uu.blackboard.com

Although the Blackboard website works pretty well with the iPad, the App has the advantage that you don't have to enter your credentials (your UU-student number and password) every time you access your online course materials.

Click here to go to the Blackboard Mobile Learn - Itunes Download page

To setup the Blackboard App, you have to enter the institution name "Utrecht University" in the institution search bar. Utrecht University will then show up on your screen.
You can access the Blackboard server both when you are on a Wifi and on a 3G connection.

Support: If you experience any problems with the Blackboard App, please send an email to Blackboard Support UU

What to do when the app has a fatal crash?

Once in a while free apps tend to crash. In the worst case, you can uninstall the App from your iPad and re-install it from the App-store! Removing the App from your iPad does not affect the Blackboard content. Only drawback is that you have to re-configure the app following te steps mentioned above.